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February 5, 2014

This has been the longest winter

I've only had brief glimpses of the ground over the past three months.   Haven't ridden since November...and am capitulating into serious whining, and that high  adrenaline thing that keeps me from sleeping (or maybe it was the jelly and caramel corn).  Just let me get it out and I'll be okay.


There, that was only slightly painful on your part and somewhat therapeutic in a limiting way on mine.


The girls were snow frolicking today.  The camera battery is dead as a doornail so you all will have to take it on faith.  They were cantering and spraying up snow, and Phebes went all four airborne into a beautiful gravity defying leap straight up!  Cree the one with the best self-preservation skills, watches them with a bored expression on his face.


Phebes health has been stable for long enough that I'm considering putting her back into work for 2014.  I had a good start in the Fall and then bad footing set in and that was that.  In hind-sight I kind of wish I'd have just thrown on a slicker and some orange and went on with it.  There is such a huge bunch of hunters set to the woods each season that going out there becomes a tense and scary prospect.  When it comes to Phebes tense is not a place to you want to be as I swear she channels it, then gives it back to you in her own special way.  

Since I plan to get Journey going, and then just do bare maintenance this season, that should give a  couple of free evenings a week to work with her.   Will likely take most of the summer, but maybe by Fall she will have the kinks worked out again.  This is the year of the horse, yes?


Missed eleven hours of work today due to the weather (and pay I might add).   I'm voting for a mild spring, and a gentle summer, with just the right amount of rain, and low humidity.  I really don't want much.


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