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January 24, 2014

Spring Training

In our neck of the woods the first endurance ride is scheduled for April 25 and 26th which (I didn't count) is about twelve weeks away which puts a newbie (or an oldie) right in the window to begin conditioning the first week of February to be ride ready in April.  Now if you've had a season or two, I have it on good authority that I really only need about six weeks to segue into an LD.  So my plan is to do as I've always done with a slow 12 week plan, which usually many days fall through the cracks of life, weather, and mayhem, so if I can hang loosely with it for the most part we should be okay for April.  For us it loosely goes like this:

Weeks 1-4 walking (just basic legging up), over the road, hill, creek, valley, up, and down.  Gives you some time to focus on working the bugs out from a winter layoff (at least if you ride my horse), and just kind of harden up a bit. Short session: an hour a day doing little hills once a week, an hour session doing flat work twice a week)  (Long Session: once weekly, should last 1 hour week 1, 2 hours week 2, 3 hours week 3, 4 hours week 4) 5-

Weeks 5-8 walk, trotting.    Walk 5 minutes, trot for 10, on hour, 3 times a week.    Long Session:   week 1 an hour, week 2, 2 hours, week 3, 3 hours, week 4, 4 hours.

Week 9-10:  Once a week do short interval training for an hour, once a week do intense hill work for an hour,  LSD 15-20 miles at competition pace once a week.

Weeks 10-11:  Focus on canter intervals every other day.     LSD  20 miles.

Week 12:   Taper down for the seven days preceding ride week.   Reduce feed in proportion to work.  My last week I'll maybe ride 5 miles a day at a snappy little trot over varied terrain and call it good.  A couple days before the ride I'll back off even more, let her get the wind back in her sails, and we will see how it goes ☺

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  1. Sounds like a good, methodical workout. Will be interesting to see it in action. It's not the LD distance that would bother my horses; it's the time limits that would do us in! Best of luck for a great season!
    Bionic Cowgirl