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January 20, 2014

Getting Lost

Ummmm....180 degrees *LOL*  Getting lost has always been a problem for me.   Not only do I not see blue ribbon for some reason, but good Lord help me when the ribbons have gone missing, if it is left, I'll take a right, if it's a right, guess which way I end up going?  Maddening.  Nothing can ruin your good ride like getting lost.  Last time I did it I went overtime.  A whole lot of conditioning miles went into prep, and our pace was spot on for 25 miles, but not for 32.   In truth I've always ridden from ribbon, to ribbon, to ribbon (when I see them) but now and again something happens that defies logic.  For instance on our fifty thank God we had someone with us who knew the trail, as I'd have bungled it for sure.   We came to a split and the ribbons were clearly on the left, she says's right, I know this loop.   No ribbon on the right.  But low and behold about a hundred yards on down, bingo there was the ribbon.   Several people made the mistake and rode fifteen miles out of their way.      If that had been me, I'd have been overtime on our first 50 as I ride too close to the cut-off wire.  I wish there were a clinic for specific problems like navigation, I'd sure take it.  Seems like there is always someone tearing down trail markings.   So if I have a true goal this year, that is it.  LEARN TO NAVIGATE using my map.  It will slow me down, but not as much as a wrong turn would set me back.   At the very least I can maybe mark off my turns as I go as a confidence builder that I'm headed in the right direction.  One thing I'd love to see on maps is ALL THE TURNS.  Often times the map just shows the route itself, without the intersections, so you have nothing to draw from to indicate if you are on or off trail.  Regardless, I need to do better.   CMO helped in this regard as I had to "know" exactly where I was on my map, but I've only used the map reading skill once on my solo ride, on a trail I was very familiar with.  So goal for 2014:  NAVIGATION.


  1. it took me years to get passable at map-reading for cmo. it took my husband a couple minutes, and his first (and only) cmo, we were never offtrail. we did great, beat my nemesis (chuck cowan, blast him!), and laughed a lot, cuz it really is the most fun i've had on horseback. the worst thing about maps for me, was that certain trails are simply not on the map, and if you don't know the area, you don't know which ones those are. you already know how fun it is to ride an are you are familiar with - isn't it great to actually be able to help others find their way?

  2. I think I've just excited myself...I NOW HAVE A GOAL, a real and tangible, and maybe...possible GOAL. One LD, a 50, and honing my map reading/navigation skills, and I think I've found a ride buddy from Ohio. We have to see how we ride together and if our riding styles will mesh (she competes faster than I will), and if she can put up with an old curmudgeon like me, I may have finally found at least a part-time conditioning partner. Think this will be good for Journey, she can learn to move out a little (for conditioning purposes only). So my goals are tiny, but I'm excited and happy for them nonetheless ☺

    Lytha, just move to Indiana already...I need a CMO partner for a team.