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December 1, 2013

A Couple of Near Melt-Downs

But we are getting there.  I think today was session #4 in the bringing Phebes back into work after a way too long hiatus.  So far we had worked at the walk, so I thought today we'd see what happens when I asked for a trot.  First we had ear flattening, which evolved into head cranking, so I figured I'd better regroup, and develop a plan.  Which meant going back to the ground where she had one of those fits are free episodes, got that smoothed out, climbed back on after some serious longing, reversals, halts, and basically getting her attention.  We were able to trot some nice circles after all that, good bend to her too.   We have survived another day.   Having to keep an eye on muscle tone, not sure how it will all pan out.    But so far, progress.

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