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November 9, 2013

Treasure Hunting Fail

As to things we've done and managed to do okay...well---treasure hunting obviously isn't one of them.  Over a 4 mile or so course we managed to locate about 9 of the 17 clues.  I was proud of Journey's ability to go slow, and sit still for the most part when asked and toleration of about a dozen dismounts only to climb back on again.   Let's say treasure hunting is not my bag.  The pace is too slow, there is no clear "winner" at the end (in our case that might have been a positive), did I mention it was to slow?  We were two miles from day parking at one point and I was agonizing over "how long" it was going to take me to get back.  The ride however was a benefit ride, so it was for a good cause to support a therapeutic horse riding venture Horse Feathers TLC.  So hold your head up high Journey...we made not have found treasure exactly, but it was a good thing Spotted Wonder, a very good thing.

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