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November 8, 2013

A Million More Questions and a New Adventure

Now that we have our hand precariously (viciously hanging on) around the brass ring, thoughts of pulling us up go racing through my mind.  So much is the same, yet so much is different, including the inherent risks.  I am asking myself a million questions.

Do I want to do more fifties?    Ummm...I think I do.   But not sure if I want to stick with fifties or try to end each year with a 50.  Much of that is related to my financial status, travel time, available PTO, riding CMO, and and and and!   So clearly the answer is right now I don't know.

How do you build into speed at a fifty?  Keep in mind that my idea of speed is still most people's version of slow.  So maybe I should rephrase how do I build stamina, and better my finish times ever so gradually?  Feel I'd be more comfortable (and Journey too) with a mid-pack sort of ride when she is strong enough.  Kicking around working some LD's as training for that.  Just do not want her to get entrenched in her head that you are done at 25.

Will her gut sounds and hydration improve as she learns the ropes?   I do not like B's on her vet card.  It may turn out that is just the way it is, but I have always felt that something worth doing, is worth improving on, otherwise, what's the point?  Funny I thought this talking point would be pulsing down, and that problem didn't happen.

We have the long winter to think on these and many other things.  CMO will continue to be my "fun" sport, distance my "challenge" sport.  I see them so differently though both have aspects of fun and challenge.  Kind of apples and oranges. 

Journey goes off hiatus tomorrow.  The Tree City Saddle Club is sponsoring a treasure hunt, and that sounds like a good time to me ☺

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  1. I would guess that her hydration and gut sounds will improve. Most horses get much smarter about eating and drinking during rides once they move up to 50/multidays. One thing that helped me alot was to plan short breaks- ie 5 minutes every 45ish minutes to let my horse eat and drink if water is available on both e-rides and longer conditioning rides. I set an alarm on my watch as a reminder. When my horse first started doing endurance, she was a horrible drinker. I soaked carrots overnight and carried them on the trail- fed on at least every 1/2 hr and that helped alot. My current strategy on multidays is to give my horse a chance to grab a QUICK bite every 15 minutes max, and do longer stops every 45 minutes. For building up stamina- ride more, particularly longer distances a endurance pace ( 5+ mph average) (: . But be careful not to overtrain and start a ride with a tired horse.