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November 19, 2013

Reinventing the Phebes

Today was session two in the reinvention of Phebes.  Decided to just start from scratch pretty much like we'd not done a couple thousand trail miles and a couple hundred competition miles.  I have decided we are going to work through this winter and if we build nothing else, we will build trust and respect, and see where that gets us.  So today we did a lot of soft moving out of my space, lifting, holding, and stretching out her legs without taking them away, cracking the whip with her standing still, lowering her head on cue, and touching in her no areas (girth, belly, flank).   How she pinches her nose so tight over the smallest things amazes me.  I used a rope to tighten around her girth area which made her bite and snarl.  By the time I finished she was putting her head down, and eventually just yawned...and yawned.  For Phebes that is H-U-G-E.  She has been rushing through the gate of the round pen too, and after our session she walked out slow and relaxed.  I was so proud of her!  Long way to go yet, but I can and I will ride my mare again.  Just layin' it out there...we will do it.

Journey is off work still.  Talked to the vet today and she has continued to break out with intermittent boils.  We heal one up, and then we get a new one and start all over again.  She had one on her belly.  Then on her rump.  Then on her chest, next on her face (which she wants to rub).  This has been an off and on thing for about five weeks now.  It is looking like she might have a bacterial thing going on with her skin as one area is getting kind of nasty... so she will start a two week course of meds by mouth for that beginning tomorrow.  I've been religiously doing the antibacterial scrubs, hot compresses, and iodine what-cha-ma-call-it stuff.  The things heal, and then we get a new one.  Mostly they have been small, but get very angry and painful.   Hate to see all this condition going down the drain, but we don't have a ride to go to, so I guess we will live.    

Journey was a feature story in our little small town paper today, The Osgood Journal.  I framed it with her photo from the ride.   I'm proud of the Spotted Wonder ♥

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