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November 24, 2013

On temporary hiatus

We here in southeastern Indiana are back into the twenty degree weather.  I found myself pulled between wishing I could go to Kentucky Die Hards and being glad I couldn't.  Unfortunately the co-insurance and deductible parts of our medical insurance have put the ka-bosh on EVERYTHING.   For how long?  For however long it takes to pay it all off.  Makes me glad we were insured.  The entire bill  had we not been insured was over $34, 000.   Hence, the Spotted Wonder and I are back on hiatus.  Winter shuts down the rides in Indiana anyway. 

I still want to work with Phebes when I can stand the cold and try to get all her gears working again, and there are some things with Journey that need fixing.  She came to me with a very non-sensitive mouth.  I was used to riding Phebes who was so sensitive I never used a bit, she just moved off her skin it seems.  She was easy to teach lateral movement, head set, the back up.  Just a light shift of position, leg, or rein and you could get it going on.  Journey has been more like driving a wheel barrow.  We have improved quite a bit from the beginning, but she is still very heavy, tends to carry too much of herself on the front in, and doesn't adequately engage her motor.  Her head set is non-existent, and the only time she feels somewhat collected is when she canters, which isn't much!  Now I don't mean this as a complaint.  It is just how it is, and me being the driver, it is my job to work on this, and help my horse to get better.  You can ride a horse a thousand miles and not improve on anything.  You can spend a few hours working on something and improve everything. 

A friend of mine has an arabian mare that we want to project on some.  She was a former show horse that hasn't been ridden for awhile.  He also has a little dream of doing an endurance ride, which I would very much like to see him fulfill.  I have a little personal experience in dreaming dreams.  The horse is a very petite sorrel mare with the float-iest trot I HAVE EVER SEEN.   She is also high energy and full of herself.  It should prove interesting.  I'd like to get a look at her pedigree.

So though on distance/CMO hiatus, I have a few plans for the winter which will hopefully keep me at least somewhat sane ☺

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