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September 3, 2013

You might be a hoarder if...

You might be a hoarder if you can't throw anything away.  I'm on day four of the trailer trash adventure and honestly not much has made it to the trash bin for pick up tomorrow.  I mean...what if I do break a billet?  I might need that western girth and latigo.  I really c-o-u-l-d break a billet.  What if her saddle pad wears a hole through it, and I need to change mid-ride.  I really c-o-u-l-d need a spare saddle pad.  Then there are the three bridles and extra breastplate what if I break a snap?  Are three buckets really too many?  With dragging feet...I'm going to have to go back out there and think through this crisis.  I realized a bit ago that I have this huge tote full of size O gloves and Epics, what if I break a boot and have to put one of those back on?  *Throws hands in the air*.  Wish me luck.  I'm going back in.
A few hours later:  I left the trailer with a pair of black socks.   One pair, of dirty black socks.  If they hadn't been dirty they'd still be out there. 

Walking away in defeat...I'm so freaking messed up.


  1. You are NOT a hoarder, and I am not an enabler. You are practical! When I finally got a trailer with decent storage space, I have 2nds of everything. Extra halter, bridle, reins, breast collar, saddle pad, girths, stirrups, stirrup leathers. If horse equipment gets thrown out, I cut off every clip and store in my ziplock bags of clips. And best yet -- one change of clothing kept in a drawstring bag, everything from jeans, old but usable riding sneakers, t-shirt, sweatshirt, 2 pairs of socks and underwear. After taking an unexpected cold swim on a day ride years ago, I would have killed for dry underwear...

  2. *hanging head* yeah...I have underwear out there too. Every hoarder needs an enabler. I'm not sure who might be which. *LOL*

    Far away hug, we sick people have to stick together ☺