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September 2, 2013

Trailer Trash Part 3

I've got about half of it under control.  Still have to sort through a lot of extraneous stuff and try to force myself to leave some things at home.  Always a worry that I'll reach for something and will not have packed it, hence, a whole bunch of clutter chaos.

The furniture has been moved in.  It still has to be stabilized /screwed to something to keep it from dumping over on the road.

My very HOT bunk.  Thought I'd die up there today cleaning it out.
But instead of being army cot wide it is double that size.

I put storage baskets under the bench
And the seat lifts up as well.  I decided to put Journey's wraps in there.

The dresser and bench will be anchored together for stability on the road.
The bit of blue on the left is my mounting block which I'll use to get up into the nose.  That wall will also hold the electric fence set up until I get somewhere.  I'll hang my wreath up tomorrow and drive some nails in one side of the cabinet to hang a spare something or other from. The dresser will hold my grooming supplies/clothes/boots/ and weather related gear like poncho, cover for my helmet, different weight gloves, and my flash lights.

What you can't see is the black cabinet which would be to the immediate right.  It will hold trash bags, dish pan, paper plates, cups, coffee pot, snacks in little plastic drawers.  There is a privacy curtain that goes across on a metal wire so if my door is open I can visit the "facilities" in the back without being seen.  

When I get somewhere I open the divider to the back, sweep the bedding against one wall, and move things I may need that can sit back there until I need them.  Including the porta potty.


But we have something they don't.
A rock with Journey's name on it.  I figure if we already have one...
Then no sense trying to find another when we are out there.   ♥ ~ E.G.


  1. Nice work! In addition to securing the cabinets to the trailer, you need to find something to keep the drawers closed. A friend of mine did what you did, arrived at her first camping trip with all cabinet drawers wide open even though she claimed they were extremely hard to open and close manually! I honestly can't remember what she did to close them. I just purchased an ugly 3-drawer plastic cabinet from a big box retailer. The drawers do not open, and I can easily pull out drawers and hose them clean at the end of the year if needed. But not very pretty! Potato Creek back on for first week in November. Might be chilly at night!

  2. It looks so cute and functional! I love your improvements - especially the rock! ;)