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August 3, 2013

No worse for wear?

Journey seems alright this morning.  I kind of looked her over bumper to bumper, legs, muscle tone, movement, attitude, all seemed okay.  But why the bad stumble?  The ground was dirt, not too hard packed, relatively flat.   We had extended our training loop from 5 laps to 6, but I had reduced our speed to under 6 mph since we were adding distance.  She was booted all the way around.  Our terrain does roll, so you are constantly changing the work load, and she pulls four uphill grades over the 1.76 mile lap, but the actual elevation change is only a couple hundred feet, and the distance on the slopes from a couple hundred feet, to a quarter of a mile.  All said she is doing flat about half the time, and uphill/downhill grade about half time.  Maybe she isn't ready for the increase in distance?  Tired and stumbled?  Just a weird accident? 

Journey has never been good about watching her feet, will fall over the darnest things sometimes (even at a walk), as she's busy looking at everything else.  In this instance however there was nothing at all to trip over. We'd just engaged the canter, and it all went to heck, I just don't know.

I'm hoping to ride tomorrow and get a chance to make sure all her gears are working and she's moving out sound with me in tow.  We'll see.

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