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August 18, 2013

LD Best Condition Motion before the BOD passed!

Great news for the folks who ride LD and like to ride for the win.  I hear the motion passed, and BC for LD will be mandated at all rides (unless none of the horse's are deemed fit) (in which case...they should not complete in the first place?).

Now the rumblings are that certain Ride Managers in the western regions will simply quit having LD rides.  I can see where some old curmudgeon manager might do this out of protest, but it sure wouldn't make for a profitable ride.   If they aren't having an LD, someone somewhere is, and the dollars will follow.

Will this new rule be of use to me?  VERY UNLIKELY IF EVER.  But I am happy for those riders who manage their horses well enough to show for BC.  Now they will get to.

The other motion that passed is that LD riders can have their mileage put on a jacket, combined or separately from their Endurance Miles, but at their own expense.    The jacket would have the AERC logo on it.   If you have a lot of miles in your LD coffer this might be a nice thing to celebrate those miles, or to put all those rider patches on.

It has been a good day for LD riders ☺


  1. Hooray! Affect me? Nope, I'll never be top 10 in LD unless there's only 10 riders. From what I hear the Western region appears to alone in their bad treatment of LD riders, perhaps because it is the birthplace of endurance. I have never been to a Umecra ride without the same placement awards and BCs handed to LDs as to endurance. BTW: just completed Arie's very first 30 mile CTR this weekend. Those extra 5 miles are tough! Got 2nd place light weight.

  2. I was shocked about the thing out West actually, because here in the MW LD and placements are pretty business as usual. Yes, those extra 5 miles feel like FOREVER. Can't imagine it being 25 more...

    Everything I've heard about UMECRA has been very positive. Congrats on the high finish on your 30 CTR! You guys do a bit of everything :)