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August 18, 2013

Hills & Elevation Gain & Duration & Heartrate...OH MY!

We are so entirely hill challenged here.    I took her to the hill I thought would get her heart rate up, and it jumped to a whopping 136 bpm.  So I rode to another trail and found one that was just under a half mile of gradual incline, and was able to get her to a 176-186 if we trotted up it.  By the top though she was beginning to level off into the 160's and drop into the 120's for the trot back down the hill, and at 90 by the time we hit the bottom.  So I'm not sure how much good our hill is going to do us.  If we cantered up it, I expect it would get the heart rate up where I want it, but I don't feel good about speed work this early on...maybe I'm just too cautious.  We did six intervals up/down the hill and the last time up she did kind of hang a bit, then plummeted to 41 within the couple minutes it took to get to day parking.   We got a new rub today from the girth, first time ever. 

Last night I noticed some filling in her right left pastern area.  I was pretty concerned about it.  Checked first thing this morning and all was well.  Cool to the touch and the puffiness all gone.  I might try some cold clay poultices on her after our longer rides and see if that might help.

Our temperatures continue to be really nice for August, in the mid seventies.  But 86%.  Feels sticky.

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