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August 26, 2013

Don't Tread on Me: Renegade Vipers

The Vipers arrived today.  I'll post more when I get a chance to try them on Journey, and I feel very fortunate that I got a shot at these boots as the design continues to evolve and they have not yet been released to the open market.  However, in Journey's case with her very close way of going on the hind, it was about my last shot at a hind boot.  So Lander Industries, thank you for letting us give the new Viper a try.  I do appreciate it.

I can tell you straight up that the material these boots are made of feels much more flexible than the original pair that Nicole gave me on the captivator and the upper portion of the boots front.  It is just my impression I have no up front info on and changes they have or have not made in the boot's material. 

Then there is a total change in the front of the boot.

The front of the boot is definitely different.  Looks like it should snug right up to the hoof wall.  A slight issue on the old pair was getting that boot to conform without over tightening the velcro.  I think this may remedy that.  We'll see!  

The other change I see is in the captivator itself.
It looks much more protective and I'd think less likely to snag on a stick or rip on a rock.

Now let's talk tread...
The tread looks somewhat more aggressive and the hear-say is that it wears longer than the old boot tread.

Sizing on these was metric.  So you either measure in mm or convert.

They sure are pretty!  Don't think I'll lose these in the black hole I call my boot box.

Next step!  Try them on the Spotted Wonder.   

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