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August 27, 2013

Boot Fitting the Vipers

LSEGH (long-suffering endurance granny husband)  put a fresh trim on the Spotted Wonder and we set to fitting the new boots.  I could get them on her but it was tight and difficult, so overall they were a tad to narrow, and about as much to short.  Customer service is helping me and thinks we need to jump up a size.  So my orange lovelies ship back to Arizona tomorrow.  My next long ride is almost three weeks out so hoping we can get her fixed up, fitting, and running in four by then.  In the meantime, I'll stick to shorter rides, on dirt for the most part, boot the front when I feel I have to and say it is good.  

An interesting take away from the folks at Lander Industries is that the heel captivators come in different sizes.  Who knew!  I sure didn't.  So the shell of the Viper comes in multiple sizing increments for varied hoof sizes, and the captivator is based on heel bulb size, these two variable alone should give a lot more people booting options.  Crossing my fingers that we will be one of those people ☺

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