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July 26, 2013

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Is available here at Rafikah Rose.

We all know I've asked myself that question a thousand times, with starts and stops, and if you figure out something isn't in the best interests of your horse for a time, or need to give it up.  My best wishes to this wonderful pair, that they can rehab 100%, and fulfill their performance dreams.

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  1. Aww, thanks EG. It wasn't an easy decision to slow down and retrain my horse but it's one that I think is necessary with her hip injury. I'm at peace with my decision and while I recognize my desires to ride endurance I want nothing more than to retake those trails with a sound horse in harmony with me.

    PS, you do know your blog was one of the two that inspired me to try endurance right? I found it and decided it sounded like fun and something for me and my new horse to strive for. =)