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July 7, 2013

Rain Gear

I'm seriously lacking in appropriate rain gear.  I have a yellow rain slicker, it does not breathe and I suffocate.  I have a thin nylon windbreaker that allows me to not overheat, but becomes saturated and clings like wet saran wrap to my skin. I have a rain poncho that twists, and strangles me like a boa constrictor.   I run HOT HOT HOT at the posting trot.  You could fry an egg on my head.  I've ridden in the rain in the fifty degree range in a soggy tank top, and been temperature A-Okay, until I stop.  If I'd get an unplanned dismount, I'd become a casualty of hypothermia .  The only product I've tried and been satisfied with at all is a borrowed Frogg Toggs rain jacket.  I don't like "heavy" garments, or bulky garments, and my relative dissatisfaction with rain gear has resulted in a general lack of preparation.   Indeed it seems a little strange to be focused on a cold rain when it is so hot and humid you want to run around in your skives.  I actually prefer cool/cold weather riding to summer riding.  So I'm finally taking a step to flesh out my gear in that regard at least a little bit. 

My first purchase was a Frogg Togg's Jacket.  These are pretty light.  Breathable.  Shed rain effectively.  Welded waterproof seams, hood folds up into the neck, zippered pockets.  It wads up enough to stuff in a pommel/cantle bag, and the price was right at Cabella's.  I was less than thrilled with the color choice of lavendar or pink.  So assuming that lavender makes my skin take on the skin tone of two day old cadaver, I went pink.  Priced at $29.99 compared to most breathable rain jackets hitting you very hard in the wallet. 

My next purchase was a New Balance Tempo Long Sleeved T-shirt.  Priced at $19.99 from The Sierra Trading Post.

The New Balance Tempo long sleeved shirt has moisture-wicking Lightning Dry® fabric, UPF 20+ sun protection and reflective accents for safety in low light.  The real bonus was it is black.  I like black.  Black makes me happy ☺

Next in my shopping cart from the same vendor was Kenyon Polarskins Base Layer Bottoms priced at $12.95.
Granted...they aren't silk, but "constructed of lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester that slips comfortably beneath your other layers for extra warmth and breathability."  Sounds convincing enough to give them a whirl, and considering the alternative in my winter drawer is NOTHING, worth giving a shot.

So I'm halfway there.  On the shopping list still is a rain cover for my helmet.  Non-bulky thinsulate gloves.  I also need to rain-proof my lower half somehow, without creating a comfort (non-rubbing/chafing) issue.   A fitted vest with zip pockets would be good too.  I like layers as you can peel them off if you get too warm. 

Now I have to get ready to ride and worry about being "too hot."  ☺


  1. Wow! The Frogg Togg's jacket sounds great! I also have an issue with finding something waterproof without suffocating in it. Thanks for the info.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. My feelings about rain and cold weather completely changed from abhorrent to tolerable when I discovered appropriate base layers. Its amazing what investing in underlayers will do. Also, I can wear my bottoms base layer under my tights, which means I can wear my summer tights year round without winter tights. American trail gear makes some nifty waterproof chaps that are also warm that I would get needed additional warmth. I feel like chaps would let more and keep me dry without being too hot? Anyways, I find that the right underlayer stopped the wild temp fluctuations between moving and stopping.