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July 9, 2013

Busy creating...riding, yes riding!

Since it is hot and muggy I've been running the HRM on Journey so that I can have some evidence of pulse up/down.  Feeling my way along to where she is at:  the beginning.   Though the Spotted Wonder has an initial rocket booster heading out on the trail, the flame sort of goes out--and quickly!  We did manage ten miles over the weekend SLOW.   The new fangled cooling device came out, and did its job nicely, pulsing her down before we ran that sucker dry.  

I've been bothered lately by all the wires, dangling pack straps, and "stuff" hanging from the saddle.  Pulled out the old Singer last night and put velcro straps on my pommel pack.  It strapped on pretty well, just have to test ride it.  If I don't like that, I'll sew down snaps on the thing.   My heart rate monitor always has those wires....using the blue suede scraps from my last sewn pair of half-chaps I fashioned a little fold over case to hold the excess wires in one compact little space that tucks right behind my water bottle. 

My new sponge wasn't doing me much good laying on the cot in the horse trailer.  Having looked high and low for my sponge bag and not finding it, I stitched up a bag for it with ring to snap onto the saddle.  It is pretty!  I hold no illusions that it will look like that for long.
I can hardly wait for Saturday!  Pick up Journey's new / used Renegades so I'll get to try those out for the first time.  They will surely get a work out in all this mud.   Storms forecast again tomorrow, and rumbling thunder out there right now.  I'm already longing for September (which is way to close to winter and nothing to do).

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