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June 17, 2013

Highly Recommended Blog Post

Read about TEAM FIXIE's experience at 2013 Sun River 100 mile here and the crew's experience here.  What happened there makes me feel so very sad.

But I'm so freaking proud of their ride.  That Funder, she's something else (in an entirely good way).  Horse ain't "half bad" either.  You have to wonder about whoever was managing the ride though....what a crock!

And a personal note to "Funder":

I still believe in the concept of to finish is to win.  I believe that you and Dixie can, and I believe that YOU WILL conquer your pinnacle ride of 100 miles. 

Best wishes in the future to my favorite endurance duo.


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  1. Thanks, Jacke! I really think we'll get our first hundred pretty soon, barring bad luck. Such an unexpectedly great horse and such a fun journey! ;)