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June 18, 2013

CMO-- Kankakee

Journey sat it out this past weekend for the CMO ride at Kankakee River.  Instead I was riding the lovely Amir, and we placed well both days.  Day #1's effort had little to do with me, but day #2 I did find the first two plates, so felt I contributed to the "team effort."  For the life of me I can't remember if our group was second or third place day one, but I'm sure our placement was second day two.  In the process I learned a little about making a landmark fit rather than moving on ...and finding "the" landmark.  The ride was well-run by Pat Mouw.  Thanks Pat!  A big thank-you to Marti Caldwell too, as she let me hitch a ride up to Kankakee. 

I'm crossing my fingers that Journey will get to go to the next one at Tippecanoe here in northern Indiana. There is some threat of cancellation due to the swarming mosquitoes, virtually clouds of the things bearing down on horse and human alike.  If I can't make Tippe, not sure I'll be free to go again until October.  Riding now on a short-course team and we need to get at least a couple of faster ones, so we were shooting for Tippe.   The team name is: The Double Dare Me's but in retrospect should have been The Old Grey Mares *LOL*.  CMO is a lot of fun, hope it finds its way down here to southeastern Indiana.


  1. cmo needs to make its way a lot further than that: ) approx. 8K miles further! i hear alabama has a chapter now? good for them! keep spreading the word EG.

  2. It was great meeting you at the CMO, Jacke! I had a blast on Saturday, took a touch over 3 hrs to cover the 12 miles, but we found them all! The clues were great, coordinates right on, spent some time chilling out in the river with the horses... Was Barb on your team? She's a good friend of mine; I introduced her to CTRs and she did a few novice rides. Her mare is awesome. I had hurt my ribs 4 days before the CMO and wasn't sure what it would feel like to ride. Well, it felt like HELL on that 2nd loop. I got back, packed up camp (slowly, very slowly) and hurried home... Hope to run into you again somewhere! I'm probably not doing Tippy because of a close-by CTR that weekend. Lytha: I think it was in Alabama where the poor woman put on a CMO and no one showed up....