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February 2, 2013

Endurance 101 and Beyond and Beyond


Conditioning the Endurance Horse (on facebook)


Collective Wisdom for Endurance Riding

Conditioning the Endurance Horse

Interval Training for Endurance 

Endurance 101 and Beyond

10 Tips for Training for Equesterian Endurance

*Don't drink the Kool-Aid       Endurance Riding is not for all horses

Four Month Endurance Training Schedule

Feeding the Endurance Horse

Help for New Riders

Cold Water Cooling the Endurance Horse

Heat Stress and the Endurance Horse

Clipping the Neck for Cooling

Selecting an Endurance Prospect

Considerations for Selecting an Endurance Horse

Look! It's not an Arab

Books & E Books

4th Gear Power Up Your Endurance Horse   an e-book taking performance up a notch (not a beginner's how to)

Go the Distance a book available at

Endurance Riding and Competition 

Endurance Riding Tips for Beginners

Endurance Riding First Steps to a Hundred Miles

 A Rider's Fitness Program


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