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September 3, 2012


It looks like we are now down to one Cavalry rider, Caitlin at 661.6 miles (Rafikah Rose)
One Pioneer rider at 933.5 miles Aurora at( Red Headed Endurance).

Here are the options I will present to you.

  1. Just log your miles until November 30th. Collect your lovely and nominal prize at that time.
  2. Or, each rider declare a single horse to ride, start from zero miles, and ride it off between now and then for a final grand champion who gets the prize.
It is down to you two ladies, it is your race.  Hash it out, and get back to me.  If you want a race off, of course you must both agree to it.   Post up for me what you decide.

Thanks! ~ E.G.


  1. We decided we want to just continue in our divisions. Really too bad no one else kept up on the miles, I know people are riding!

  2. I was still playing, thought we had a few days to post the month. I can't post from my phone, no computer access over the weekend.

    But no big deal, congrats ladies!

  3. We still have 47 riders in our Distance Derby. We started with 74 so not too bad. We may do it again next year so come on over. You could be in both groups. Our ride started Jan 1 and we have some diff rules and only one class.

    Congrats to Caitlin and Aurora.

  4. Tammy, that is awesome that your crowd is hanging in there!