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September 4, 2012

BBBDR (Okay, a little confusing)

There is no question that Pioneer has closed, so we have a clear winner there.

Kerry has indicated she hasn't pulled.  I construed her last post in July as the horse was injured and out of commission which seems to not be so.  She had 30 days to post up her August miles and has met the dead line, which is in the Cavalry Division.  So Caitlin I'm sorry apparently I made a horrible blunder.  So the mileage I guess will continue to run through November.  However, due to my error both parties in Cavalry will end up with something, but the high mileage person will get the "trophy" item.  So far Caitlin is still in the lead there by 30 miles or so.  Keep posting mileage.  If ANYONE PULLS please just post that you did on the BBBDR so when I check your miles I can read PULLED.

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  1. It's cool. I'm content to plod along posting my miles and hell, she could even pass me as Rose and I've slowed down a lot more to spend quality time bareback and moseying along rather than go-go-go all the time. I did just post my miles for August as you reminded me of the 30 day cut off to post or lose.