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September 26, 2012

Post Melt-Down thoughts on Distance Riding

Let's call it a hiatus.  A planned break from the rigors of riding 30 miles a week, 15-20 miles at least once a week, an economy that has made every aspect of life a little bit financially uncomfortable, a five year long chase through three different horses, a fibromyalgic osteoarthritic body that is currently saying tired, tired, tired, enough already!  So I've muddled through the idea that I'll be doing no more of that this year, and after some personal emotional "drama" I've come to terms with it (sort of).  But truth is...the desire for 50 miles still burns deep in my belly like a gnawing pain.  You see I do not subscribe to the concept that LD is endurance.  I agree that LD is definitely distance riding, it has its place in the sport, and I fully respect those folks (whom I was one) who do it, and (dare I use the word only....oh...clenching) only it. Some people really get their drawers into a knot over the word only, but they apparently do not understand context, that words mean different things bent on the intent of the writer.  I have "only" done LD, just like I "only" had one egg for breakfast this morning.  If you find that position insulting or disparaging, please run outside and see if the moon is up, or the stars, or hug your horse or something relatively as wonderful, because 25 miles is not 50.  I figured that out when I did 30 miles.  That each incremental 5 miles toward the goal brings on challenges that you were not aware you had (tack fit, clothing, hydration, exhaustion, etc.).  If you aspire to 50 don't let that get you down, it is apparently just part of the journey.   My hope for you, is that my stepping aside to catch my breath, funnel financial resources to where they must go, does not inhibit your dream. Ride like you mean it!  I'm still in your corner whatever your discipline.  The goal is always feeling good about what you do, and doing it with the horse you have.  Don't let the E.G.'s poopy day rain on your personal rainbow.  Pick a personal goal and ride your ride.    ~E.G.

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