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September 15, 2012

Life Renovation

I'm in a mode of decluttering my life.  Since I enjoy my blog (and the people that stop by) I thought I'd begin my project by decluttering my little office area.   The room is only about 9 X 11, sounds easy yes?  So I started with the pantry closet  sorting supplies, and canned goods,  into nice, neat, functional little rows.
What can I say....rows make me feel better.  I figure this will last at least until the next trip to the grocery store...

Then all manner of horrid stuff was dragged out into the hall to be sorted through.  Tools...miscellaneous horse stuff, books, papers, defunct computer components (one of which I thought was a mysterious metric tool and turned out to be memory for the computer.

I framed a ridiculous little abstract that I painted this week, just is kind of silly and has big blue bulging eyes...but I like it☺

Then I swept (don't ask).
Mopped (yeah, really).
Doing those things that normal people not conjoined at the hip with their horse do in their spare time. 
It was shocking.
And cathartic.

Then off to Walmart I went for paint, and I happened upon a cheap little rug.
 Since the one I had was worthy of the trash heap, and only the trash heap.  Then I repainted the walls.

My desk has seen better days, but I really don't care all that much.  Just a few pictures left to hang, and the office will have been officially purged.  It took me almost twelve hours. It felt REALLY GOOD.  One down, five more rooms and a hallway to go.  ~E.G.

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  1. One of our daughters likes her cans in rows like that. Sometimes, I sneak into her kitchen and "gasp" TURN SOME OF THE CANS UPSIDE DOWN!

    I'm a jerk that way...