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September 24, 2012

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have TO!!!!

OMG---I'm beside myself.  That's the good news.

Here's the "bad news".  The saturday ride is going to be a problem solving ride.  Meaning you have your clues  to look for, but the management is purposely tweaking the difficulty to make people think outside the box.  Unfortunately I've just barely clawed my way "into" the box.  So I may have to follow and look somewhere at cloud formations, and hum a tune so as not to confuse my budding awesomeness (hey!  I HAVE TO, DO YOU?).  Sunday's ride will be more normal in respect to clues and such.

I spent this afternoon in the yard setting up clues and targets (which I hid).  Figuring if I could get the coordinates right to set them up for LSEGH to find, then I would easily be able to do a find as the process is the same.  I set them up, and he found them.  Was off a degree here and there because the marks on the compass are so small ...but close enough that he was able to locate the plates.    Then we worked on TO vs. FROM.  People I'm feeling it.  I'd love to set up one of these rides! 

Journey has been on break while I've worked through my funk.  Saddled her up after a two week lay-off and she about cleaned my clock she was so full of herself.  Must point her at some hills tomorrow.  Geeeez....


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  1. That DOES sound fun!! Best of luck! && totally with you on the mares on break being full of themselves. I've come off Q twice in our last 4 rides. Normal things are suddenly terrifying and running is her favorite gait. Kick those hills butts!