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August 10, 2012

Trying to decide on a 20 or a 10/10 split tomorrow.

 Probably will do the 10/10 as it would be safer (without aid of veterinary support) and will allow me to work on cooling twice, as well as have Journey tied up to the trailer more,  to work out her eating, drinking, and electrolytes.  I put up my cheap-o portable awning, but I'll have to check the forecast.  If it is very breezy at all I'll have to take it down this evening and just live without it since it would likely blow down in a stiff wind....  I'm trying to work out a sensible ride strategy to peak her to a 50 in late October.  Tomorrow will count as an LD (a little short, but close enough as conditioning goes).  Hoping to harden her up to back to back LD's in mid September as training for the upcoming 50.   She has done the 25 mile distance three times this season (twice in competition, once in training), and tomorrow will make the fourth (though a little short).  So she will have had rides over twenty miles four times,  800+ miles of LSD as a base, and if we get to the next LD that would make six times at that distance.  I say enough, is enough and we shoot for it, fall on our face again, or not.  I wish to do...rather than dream.  My eye has been on the prize for a long, long time.  The spotted wonder and I will be a team, regardless of outcome.

So plotting for back to back LD's in September in Ohio if our practice run goes well tomorrow.  The focus will be on average speed, cooling, and pee horse pee!!!            ~ E.G.

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