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August 28, 2012

Most Recent Drama: Blocking Ride Records from Non-Members

I have all kinds of mixed feelings about this one.  Being a dues paying member I feel personally that I should have an "ownership" if you will of my own ride record.  I feel no opposition to being blocked from anyone else's ride record if my dues aren't paid, but I take slight offense to the idea that should I have a tight year, and want to access my record (such as it is) and reminisce about it that since I have paid for the privilege of riding, and paid my dues for the purpose of tracking my ride &; horse history I should always have access to my own record.

The idea behind this move with the BOD is that it will add "value" to the membership.  Meaning if non-members want to access the record they will have to join the organization.  The only way I see this as an added value is to the organization rather than the membership at large.  That's okay, but say it like it is...

My question is:

Will it gain us members, or will blocking ride records discourage newbies altogether?  As I said, I have mixed feelings about it, doubts about it, and seriously NEVER want blocked from my ride record as it means a lot to me.  However, I would not be willing to pay for the privilige of viewing it were I to decide to not ride for a year, or two, or forever.  I'd simply print it out before my renewal date and be done with it.

What say you?  Is your ride record your own?  Or does the AERC own it?  Something to think about.  Sure stirred the pot this week on the unofficial AERC ride forums.


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