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August 27, 2012

A Certain Kind of Beauty

My friend Chris regarding horses said, "pretty is, as pretty does."  I believe this was shortly after Phebes had spun back, planted me butt first sliding through a mud hole, reversed directions, and disappeared down a service road.   I'm pretty sure Chris said something hysterically funny about wild turkey that day too, that is not printable here, but funny nonetheless.  I digress...but anyway, I'm brushing out Phebes beautiful long mane last night, contemplating on this and other things.  My brain cells tend to synapse in rather random configuration, which led me to this.  Journey has a certain kind of beauty.  She isn't pretty in the conventional term, but there is something about her that I like more and more each day.  If a horse can be silly, she is.  If a horse can be a brat, she REALLY is.  Her conformation is a little high in the back, and low in the front and her movement is so efficient that you feel like you aren't going anywhere, at least not fast by any means.  She has a lazy streak and is a little like squeezing the last little bit of paste out of the toothpaste tube.  She has beady little eyes.  Thinking eyes, that measure you up, and will spit you back out if you let her by with anything much.  Yet, there is a mental balance to her most days that is my first experience with a horse of this type.  She makes me laugh without even trying.  Who's horse stops to read a sign?  She is so smart, but so screwy too.  For instance, she had her RF on the hoof stand, and decided to help by putting her LF on there too.  She will always try to give you a hoof, but not necessarily the one you want.  Journey does not like anything added to her feed.  She deserves carrots for leaving her stall, just ask her!  I made the mistake of not bringing carrots this morning and I had to get behind her push to get her out.  No carrot?  Not going anywhere.  We sort of have this as a mounting issue as well.  Show her a mint, and she will stand like the rock of Gibraltar.  No mint?  It's going to take you a minute to get her to hold still.    Yes she's a thinking horse.  But here lately I've taken to thinking about her beauty.  It is different, like the difference between a made up fashion model and the girl next door.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I'm feeling an appreciation for the spotted wonder's certain special kind of beauty.


  1. An Appaloosa with that coat pattern is of course beautiful. I also wanted to thank you for all the research you post on your blog about endurance riding. After reading your recommendations on saddle pads I was able to find a cool back pad at our local tack store. It worked great for my husband's horse on our LD ride last weekend. Thanks.

  2. 4R You are most welcome. The intent of the blog is not only my path, but to try and give feedback to save others time and aggravation when I can... Congrats on your LD, awesome that hubby rides too. ~ E.G.

  3. I don't know... I think Journey is beautiful on the inside and outside. I just LOVE the new cover picture.