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July 10, 2012

What Funder Said about Blogging applies to me when I have a serious break from riding, conditioning, and overall getting in the groove.  If I'm sidelined for awhile it is gynormous struggle for me to get back on track.  Especially during hot weather.  So far this summer even though we've had temperatures up to 104 degrees I've evaded heat exhaustion.  I've been successful because I'm not doing anything except propping up with air conditioner at maximum capacity, and a fan sitting over one of the vents, blowing directly at me.   We are however only about eleven weeks from our next planned attempt at a hilly LD.  Plenty of time, but I don't want her to lose what she time to get back into the groove somewhat.  Even if it is a short, sort of get with it ride every few days.  But being off sure puts me into a rut.

The time off hasn't been wasted though.  I've been reinforcing respect which is an ongoing thing between Journey and I.  My goal is to be leader, her's is to test it.  I was walking outside the fence along the drive way last evening, and Journey was on the inside of the fence following.  Just for the heck of it to see what would happen I abruptly stopped and backed up.  She shadowed my effort by backing up too.  Very good sign that mentally I'm getting through to her.  She also was getting a bit thin.  The four weeks has given her time to put some weight back on which will help us as we move towards the next ride.  Journey is a picky eater generally, and has a supercharged metabolism that burns calories off.  To see her filling back out is good.

To work I go.


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