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July 9, 2012

Helmet Safety

No this is not another boring reminder to wear your helmet.  This is a reminder to be extra careful going under tree branches while wearing it.  The vent holes in the helmet are perfect for catching small limbs and then about jerking your head loose.  I ducked under some today and got my head nearly jerked off my shoulders.  This has happened about three different times now in different places.  One time she backed into some stuff and it caught me the other direction.  I can see where this could be very hazardous to the health of your neck.  Keep it in mind when you are out there ducking under things on the trail.



  1. i find that my salamander visor (and my duck-bill cashel) both blind me when it comes to overhead branches. i end up hitting my head on a lot more of them.

    today i ordered the new troxel liberty and i sure hope it is as good as it looks. i'll probably have to stick a salamander on it, or maybe one of your newfangled brims!

    in orienteering we carry compasses around our necks and it is such a risk for hanging! but you really need your compass on your body, not your horse.

  2. It's worth it to get a helmet that has a screen or other protective cover on the vent holes for this reason. Very much a safety concern!

    This is the model I have:

    Others with this option:

  3. It may not be a viable solution for everyone, but I've found that trees try to eat me less with a helmet cover :) That said, I'm in CA with low humidity and decent temperature year-round, and I'm not sure how using a cover might be an issue for everyone else in warmer climates.

  4. Jacke,
    Good point! Good to remind myself of this danger because in the woods, I do hit my helmet on some branches (but I never thought of the vents). I use a Tipperary Sportage and it has vents with mesh behind them. Thanks.