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July 20, 2012

The Ultimate Direction Waist Pack

Ultimate Direction Strider Hydration Pack - Women's
After writing on the importance of carrying water on one's person, rather than solely on your horse, and illustrating how dangerous it can be especially in hot and humid weather I thought I should further support that by following through in a serious way.  I've always ridden with a small fanny pack, but did not have one large enough to hold more than a non-refillable juice pack.   My spouse suprised me with The Ultimate Direction Waist Pack.   It is made to fit the contour of a woman's hip.  It has a zipper area for small storage (ride card, chapstick, baggied emergency cookies, indentification, etc), also a key clip to attach your keys inside without fear of dropping them out.  It comes in some pretty colors if you are fond of pink, purple, or blue.  Mine is black as I generally like to keep most of my gear neutral and put color on my horse.

As an equestrian there were a few things I'd change about this set-up.  Well---in fact I did change a few things.

 First thing, it has no keeper strap to keep the motion of your hips in the saddle from working that water bottle out of its net holder.  Since the waist band had excess enough strap, I cut some of that off and sewed on a keeper strap, then added velcro so it has a tab to hold it in place.  I also stitched one side of the waist strap into a permanent position.  If I gain weight I'm DOOMED!  DOOMED!
 On the back waist band there is a very narrow thin pocket that for my purposes was useless.  I again broke out the velcro and fashioned a fastener.  I can now fold a map into this pocket, or an emergency ID/ medication/ insurance information card in case of "the big one."
 I'll have to let you know how I feel about the nipple nozzle.  It likely won't matter since this bottle is meant for an emergency on foot situation, and in that case beggars can't be choosers. This nozzle pulls up hard to open, and just pops in to close.

 The inside of the little pocket that rests at the small of your back.

The inside of the slightly bigger pocket with key clip.

All modified and ready to roll out for a test ride this weekend.

  ~ E.G.


  1. I LOVE my UD bottles! That's all I use anymore. That little loop on the lid is SO handy for fetching them out of the pack they're in, whether on your saddle or waist. Just hook your finger through and pull. FYI the nozzle is meant to be worked with your teeth/mouth. So just bite the rubbery bit and then pull the bottle down with your hand to pop it open. Very easy. Plus the bottle is squishable, so you can squeeze it for a blast of water.

  2. good job! I used to ride with a fanny pack when I first started endurance riding, then I got out of the habit. makes me think twice though... riding way out in the desert with my horse carrying all my water...
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm doing a ride and tie in the fall and was warned I needed to find a way to carry water on my person in case something happened and I got lost while running, so I'll be trying this one.