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July 7, 2012


Probably the biggest stressor of going to a ride or traveling anywhere with your horse in tow is the big what if.  What if we break down?  Although there are many motor clubs / tow services out there, most will not deal with your trailer and more importantly your horse.  If you have a fantastic social network of trailer towing friends you may be able to find rescue.  But how long will you be left standing on the roadside without water for your horse?  Will you be even able to track down someone willing to drive a hundred or more miles to come to your rescue?

A company called US RIDER will come to your aid, and more importantly make sure your horse is rescued as well.   Better still they will come to your rescue even if you are in someone else's vehicle!   I've carried their plan for several years now and have had reason to call them  twice.  Once in my personal vehicle trying to get home in a wicked snow storm I slid off the road and laid my car over on its side.  They came out in the weather and pulled me out.  Another morning in my personal vehicle I had a flat, and they sent someone out to fix that.   On a ride with a friend who also carries US RIDER she inadvertently locked her keys in the truck, and they came out to the trail head and unlocked her vehicle.  I've been fortunate to not have needed horse assistance yet, but many others have and satisfaction is high with US RIDER.

The benefits:
Towing: You can be towed up to 100 miles fully covered.  Above that they will still tow you and your horses and trailer but you may have cover the expense over 100 miles.
Roadside: repair up to $200.
Battery:  A jump to get you started.
Tires:  Change a flat with your spare.
Lock out:  Get you back in!
Emergency lodging:  They will find and get you too someplace to stay while the vehicle is getting fixed.
Essentials: Delivery of fuel, water, oil to your location.
Horse:  emergency trip to the vet in case of collision, emergency lodging for the horse, a horse trailer to transport the horse, stabling, and many other benefits.  They will even connect you to a local farrier in the case of a lost shoe while vacationing with your horse.

Check them out!

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