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July 6, 2012

The heat continues across Indiana / the Midwest

Today in Southeastern Indiana
High 101° Low 73°
Feels Like 107°
Visibility: 10 Miles
Wind: WNW 3 mph
Barometer: 29.98 in.
Humidity: 32%
Dewpoint: 66°

I don't know how many days have topped 100 degrees.  Let's say I'm done, stick a fork in me (preferably a cold one).  Supposed to be even HOTTER tomorrow.  You can get in the danger zone just moving around out there.  Phebes is the only one with brain enough to come up for hosing.  Journey is catching on, but Cree who needs it most refuses, so I have to wait for reinforcements to arrive (LSEGH) so he can hold the varmint long enough to soak him down.

70 percent of Indiana is experiencing severe or extreme drought.  The rest of the state showed either moderate drought or abnormally dry conditions.   We are in the corn belt, and things are looking very bad.

My lawn?  What lawn?  It is brown and crunches under foot.

Pasture?  What pasture? See above, same thing.

Big Cree is stressed and off his feed.  It is too hot to eat.  He is a black horse and suffers mightily with the flies and the heat.

The water tank is depleted by one half daily, and topped off each evening to make it cooler.

One careless cigarette could set the counties ablaze.  In fact we had three mulch fires at work this week from people tossing cigarettes into the beds around the building.

The weather is supposed to break and cool off to the mid-eigthies, possibly igniting some thunder storms on Sunday.

Pray for rain.


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