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July 14, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Let's talk about saddle bags

I personally use the Stowaway pommel bags from Easycare.  Having the stuff behind me (my previous cantle bag) was a pain in the butt.  If I twisted around and tried to unzip the zip wouldn't function correctly as the angle of the dangle was wrong.  So I'd have to dismount and use two hands to access the contents of the bag.  My pommel bag is much more user friendly.  It has space for two extra water bottles, zipper pockets for a spare hoof boot, zipper pockets for your ride/score/vet card, zipper pockets for an extra lead rope (I use a snap with parachute cord as it takes up very little space), and even a slot for chap stick!

These come in about seven or so colors including red, black, blue, green, brown, navy, and purple.

Some stuff to have in your pommel or cantle bag:

A hoof pick in some kind of little sleeve so it doesn't poke your horse.
A braided parachute cord lead rope that takes up very little space.
A hoof boot, even if the horse is shod you might throw a shoe ten miles out.
A zippy bag of feed for the horse, horse cookies, etc.  (carrots and apples tend to get soggy)
A roll of vet wrap and a gauze pad for the horse.
Syringe of electrolytes can be real handy.
Disposable rain slicker, just in case.

You notice most of the stuff I mention pertains to the horse?  Critical human stuff should be on your person either in zippered pockets, or your fanny pack.  The horse stuff with the horse, people stuff with you.

Notice that even though it is rather unattractive....I'm wearing a fanny pack.  I can get a juice pack in this one, but I'm wanting one that will holster my water bottles as in the post below.  It would enhance my overall survivability, especially aspiring to some longer distances.

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  1. Snugpax will also make pommel backs in some other cool colors and they don't bounce. They just made me my second bag by them.

    Oh, carry zip ties and duct tape, always usefull. And if rattle snakes are bad in your area a 6 inch section of rubber horse is handy to carry. Seen that save a horse's life once when they got bit on the nose and the owner was able to push the hose into the nose to keep the airways open.