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July 14, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Finding rides

Being new to the distance sports can be challenging in ways that have nothing to do with actually riding.  Like, how do you find rides?  The answer is simple actually, go to the source. 

*The AERC is the sanctioning body for endurance rides.   They keep a master list of rides in all the regions on the ride calendar.
*You also may find rides by networking through a regional club that may be putting on the ride.
*You can network with friends about rides, but always check with the ride calendar at the AERC to make sure that ride has not been relocated, date changed, or cancelled.
*Email the ride manager who can direct you to the forms you need.

Once you have found a ride you can often find a link for the forms you need to enter on the AERC ride calendar, or a link to the group putting on the ride, or an email for the ride manager to ask questions. 

I on my little wish list of "things" wish that the AERC would require that all ride entry forms, and ride information be linked on the ride calendar so it is always one stop to find the forms you need.  Most rides take advantage of this resource, but a few hold outs do not.  So coming into the sport it may be a bit of a challenge finding the rides, sourcing the forms, and getting the ride details in order.  The process only "seems" problematic when you can't find what you are looking for, but once you know the ropes it is pretty easy to get the information you want.

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