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June 8, 2012

Old Style Gaiter vs. New Gaiter on the Gloves

I've ordered four of the old style, we will see!  I previously used those on Phebes and we did have intermittent rubbing issues particulary in the front.  The new Gaiters are far less likely to do that but the quality of the velcro attachment is light years behind the quality of the velcro attachment on the old Gaiters.  My hope is that with some well-placed vet wrap (I should have stock in that stuff) that we can work it out.  Someone needs to invent some marino wool inner socks to line the cuff on these and bring those babies back!  Those old gaiters wore like iron.  I have some on Big Cree's boots that are three years old.  Granted he doesn't put many miles on them, but the way the old gaiters were made the velcro just lasted and lasted!  I'll keep you all posted.  ~E.G.

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  1. Renegade's new velcro is damn near impossible to unstick. Maybe see if you can get some of it and swap it out?