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June 9, 2012

Gaining Ground

So this is what I have in mind for next couple of hot months. 

Day 1:  1 hour of snappy hill work.  The kind that brings her home huffing/puffing/sweating/and blowing. Galloping up, walking down, until our tongues hang out.

Day 3:  1 hour of sustained trotting...just cruising....and working at increasing our cruising pace over time.

Day 5:  11 mile ride on our B/Course which is just about eleven miles if you cover it three times.  Boring for me, but the horse can autopilot and relax after a while.  This ride I will push for time.  Journey doesn't see the sense of getting in a hurry, but I'd like to see our time on this ride go from two hours down to about one and a half.  I'm kind of figuring several months to do that, as she is going to have to be "convinced."  She was catching on today's ride, and I got our first little sustained canter on the flats EVER.  We did quite a few intervals mixed in with the trotting.  Of course the downhills continue to kill us...I've never seen a horse move so slow downhill.  I kind of want to get off and start pushing from behind!
Schooling: on whatever day is left available for me to ride.

Monthly:  a 24 mile training ride at LSD pace (about 5 mph).  As we cruise towards September I'd like to have her ready to attempt her first back to back 25's.  She's done four or five of them now (including conditioning rides) so I don't think it would be too much by fall barring any set-backs.  So I'll want to time her last LSD so that she peaks on that ride weekend.

Today is the closest (besides TOR) that we came to getting our 10 minute per mile pace.  
Distance:  11.02 mi
Time:  1:58:59
Avg Pace:  10:48 min/mi                         

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