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June 25, 2012

The Old Style Easyboot Glove Gaiters

I wanted to give you all some feedback on my attempt using the old style easyboot glove gaiters with Journey this weekend.  We used them on the front boots, as I expected those would be generally more problematic than the hinds as far as rubs go.  I used my make-shift wraps, and we rode a bit over ten miles at trot and canter, very little walking.  She didn't have a mark on her, no rubbing, no hair loss, or chafing of any kind.  That was only a ten mile trial, but gave me the confidence to order four more gaiters for her to use as back ups.  I figure I've got a few more rides of life in the new style gaiters I'm using and had repaired on the hinds, then the old style will go back on.  I'm planning on tweaking her underwrap some more, or just stocking up on vet wrap... we just blow through that stuff at a tremendous rate.  I'm going to kind of mentally track the uses I get out of these old style gaiters.  Hoping they will out perform the new model and keep us running until the end of the season.  I really appreciate the great customer service though Easycare assisting me with to track down the old style gaiter.  ~ E.G.

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