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June 26, 2012

Crestridge Saddlery on my wish list ♥

I've been riding a Crestridge Crusade saddle for about four or five years now.  Love that saddle.  The only thing I disliked was the extra weight at 24 lbs.  Not a terribly heavy saddle, but I keep wanting to get the weight of my gear down for the betterment of my horse.  I tried two Wintecs, and a Specialized, and both were so uncomfortable for me personally that each time I went back to my  Crestridge Crusade.    Now with the distance riding crowd in mind they have come out with ultra-lite saddles in several of their models of saddles.  These ultra lights weigh in at only fourteen pounds!  The Crusade on a J-Bar tree was the only saddle I owned that properly fit Phebes wide low withers, and allowed free rotation of her shoulder.  They worked with me when I got it to assure a good fit, and it always did fit well.  My old Crusade is a close fit for Journey, but I shim it to get the gullet to fit properly.  These new ultra-lites are at a very good price point of $893.  Half  the cost of saddles that make great claims, but in the end...don't necessarily deliver.   If you are in the market for a good fit for your wide ride or any horse for that matter, Crestridge Saddlery is at the top of my list of recommended vendors in saddles for quality workmanship, and great customer service.  When gas prices go down, and the economy quits choking the life out me, I'm going to order a saddle made to fit Journey in the ultra-lite lines.  If you are saddle shopping, check them out.

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