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June 23, 2012's ride

We are having a pattern where we can average 5 + mph now.  But our average actually dropped by about .2 mph today.  There were a couple of factors that were different this time.

* A tree down that we had to stop, negotiate a way around each and every lap (so three times).

*Tom, Dick, Harry, and his other brother Harry, and their wives from the south were all riding the B loop today.  So I had to slow down, ask permission to pass, and then break the magnetic barriers that pull Journey toward the herd, which meant she sucked back a little, thus slower.  It's not a perfect world out there. 

Journey is on track.  She behaved nicely.  Her canter just needs building, building, building, it is the weak link.  But I enjoyed our solo ride.  Caught myself smiling ear to ear a few times, just happy to be on the trail, moving along.  She took her usual ten minutes to come down.  I've just come to understand that is how she is.  May as well ride her on in.  Hand walking doesn't do anything to bring the number down.

My make-shift gaiter liners worked.  We had no rubs, but they kind of shifted around and looked way funky.  I'll try just vet wrap alone next time and see how that goes.    If vet wrap doesn't do it, I'll try the waist-band exercise thingy material with velcro.  I love the new old style gaiters, just way nicer.      ~E.G.

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  1. TDH & H - too funny!
    I see you have Evelyn's Tights in your sidebar. i love them!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond