June 23, 2012

Da Brim Helmet Visor

I had the opportunity to test ride the Da Brim Helmet Visor today.  Here is what I have to say about it.


What is surprising to me is I didn't think I would.  But I'm game to try new things when it comes to riding and comfort.  The styling is a little quirky, but why makes perfect sense to me.  The idea is to be able to use your helmet, and cast shade on areas of your face and neck that would otherwise end up cooked by the sun.  Da Brim has several styles to choose from.  Some offer more or less shade depending on your personal preference.  They fit most styles of helmets, but you do need to read the website to make sure you choose one that works well with your personal helmet.  Some you remove your brim, and other's (like my Tipperary Sportage) I didn't have to.

 Dang!  Can't you just see this paired up with the ZEBRA tights?

So here is what I expected:

*I figured it was going to fall off. WRONG.  It attaches with a strap that kind of torques it down tight around your helmet.  There is a sticky rubber like material that makes it "grippy."  We walked, we trotted, we cantered, and we had one heck of a big spook.  Da Brim, stuck with me.  Once I mount up, I detest fiddling with stuff.  I want to point down the trail and ride.  Da Brim did not hender that process in any way.  I did not need to readjust, nor did I need to reapply.  It sat right where I started out with it.

*I thought it would obstruct my view.  WRONG.  Actually it casts such a nice halo of shade around your face that you aren't squinting from the sun.  So your eyes are relaxed, and soft, and protected from the glaring UV rays.  So you can have the safety of riding with your helmet on, and the shade of Da Brim at the same time.

 Look at this halo of shade!
Journey is wondering where her's is at?

*I thought it would be butt ugly.  WRONG.  Actually, I thought it was kind of cute. The horse parking area had a lot of people today.  Soon as I headed out someone said: "Hey! I like your hat!   Yeah, me too. I'm certainly not allergic to being "different" and let me tell you, I had thoughts of SAMURIA WARRIOR as we cantered along.  I'm not saying the Da Brim will make YOU fearless, after all it is a brim, not a sword *LOL*.  But on the other hand, it doesn't look like a giant duck bill projecting out of your head either.  Has a more stylish look to it.  It comes in many colors.  Grey, black, yellow, red and blue.

Recommendations:  If I could change one thing about it, it would be aesthetic.  I'd put a somewhat bendable wire on the outer edge of Da Brim that would allow the wearer to shape it for further styling.  But honestly it is fine how it is.

In summation:  I really did like it.  Da Brim weighs next to nothing, it does exactly what the company says it will.  It stays on, and it shades your neck and face from the sun.   You will be seeing a lot of photos in the future with me wearing it.  


  1. I like it! Much nicer than the duck bill style, now if I could just get that pointed helmet to go with, in black of course:)

  2. OK, now I have to get myself one of those! They sound fantastic!