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May 6, 2012

Torn between two things

We are moving right up on Journey's "debut" (saying that very tongue in cheek).  Little girl is NO BALL OF FIRE.  But I'm on the horse more than I'm experiencing unplanned dismounts (like in the past with Phebes), so that is a very good thing.  With the spring grass we are experiencing a little more hoof sensitivity than we were on hay.  Not bad, but not helpful either.  She goes fine on dirt track or even surface still with her boots, just a more careful approach necessary on service roads.  We also continue to eat gaiters alive....very frustrating.  A couple need mending before she hauls out next.  My spare boots are Epics DO NOT LIKE. 

So for the moment we have four days between now and Maumee.  Not sure if I should just wiggle her around a few miles each day and let things be, or if I should try for ten miles tomorrow or Tuesday.  Can't really see where a moderate ride at this point would really improve anything, probably better to let her fatten back up and focus on R&R so she will have some wind in her sails when we get there.  My biggest "worry" is riding an unknown trail.  Journey can be a spook-fest on new trail.  But it will be what it will be.  She will make it, or she won't.  If she doesn't it isn't because she doesn't have a base on her.  She has 500 miles of trotting and hills at this point over the past five months.  Journey has been a trying kind of horse, and we've conquered some ground the two of us this year.

As for me, I'm riding with a deficit of late.  The metatarsal joint in my foot next to the big toe has been swelling to the point I have trouble getting my boots on (size bigger boots).  I went to the rheumatologist Friday and requested the joint be injected with steriod.  She numbed it up, and then slid in the bigger needle into the joint capsule where upon we hit something NO NUMB, I involuntarily jerked my foot back, the needle came out, scared the doc, and had to start all over again.  So I have two big punctures, a lot of bruising, and having ridden Saturday and Sunday, it is not a happy puppy.  I may have to work the speckled wonder on the lunge-line for exercise until Thursday to have a foot that can support me in the stirrup.  I'm going to see if I can find a good cushioned insole and rip mine out of my boots.  Hopefully I'll still have enough room to get my foot into the boot *sad face here*.
    Not a "happy" foot  

Journey's trotting intervals have continued to pick up some steam.  We did an hour this morning trotting uphill and walking downhill and even with the butt-draggin walk we still managed 5.1 mph on the average.  
Intervals follow:
Avg Speed
15:26.0 0 .37  4.1
21:46.0 0 .22 7.3
33:56.9 0 .22 3.3
41:52.0 0 .21 6.6
54:09.6 0 .22 3.1
61:40.3 0 .21 7.6
74:16.8 0 .22 3.1
81:43.8 0 .21 7.3
911:05.2 1 .10 5.9
109:46.5 0 .96 5.9
115:07.5 0 .39 4.5
122:13.6 0 .26 7.0
134:06.8 0 .22 3.2
141:31.2 0 .20 7.7
151:50.4 0 .19      6.1


  1. Ouch! That foot does not look good :(

  2. Well, I think you already know the answer because you stated it already in the post!! One condition ride at this point is not going to improve anything. Quit doubting your better judgement! I would say let her rest... maybe just ride her lightly to keep her limber but keep it easy. Don't forget, she might just be a rocket on race day!! Good luck!

  3. Oh, by the way.. OUCH on the foot!! Foot pain in my opinion is as bad as tooth pain...!! take care of yourself!

  4. ok one last post :) YOU WILL MAKE IT.. Stay positive..don't even put the negative energy out there!!

  5. Bleh, that injury sounds like no fun at all. If you have cages you could try riding in tennis shoes for a few days if that would help.

    When are you thinking you'll try Journey out for a ride? If her problem with spooking is new trails is there any ride friends you can haul out to for a weekend to practice both camping and new trails? Rose tried that new trails are scary maneuver a long time ago but I kept pushing her through new trail after new trail and now she's more likely to spook at our own training trails than new ones... go figure.

  6. We are shooting for this coming weekend if my boot will go on my foot. Cleaned the trailer this weekend and am somewhat ready to haul. We've never been to MIDWEST before, though I have ridden in the Hoosier on Phebes a couple of years ago. The trails aren't too challenging, but a lot of windy single track on rolling hills. The heavy rains have turned the trails very slippery. Journey was like riding a drunk horse this morning with all the slipping and sliding (and occasional spook). She thins down quickly with work, so I'm trying to balance things to keep some weight on her. She looked kind of "racy" today, that tucked up thing they get as fitness sets in. Can't see her ribs, but can feel them, so she's okay. Gonna take it easy with longe work each evening, or maybe some schooling in the lot. More rain moving in, may even nix that.

    Hoping all will go well. We only want a finish. ~E.G.

  7. Oh god your poor foot :(

    Don't ride, don't work her. Feed her up good, maybe put her on the longe just to reassure yourself she's sound and moving normally. Let her heal and get feisty! There's nothing you can do at this point to improve her physical readiness. She'll be ok :)