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May 16, 2012

Kind of looking at OAATS

This organization is based out of Ohio with most of their sanctioned rides there.  Some are a little bit "northerly" for my traveling tastes in our 2012 high mileage truck, but it is a consideration worth think of for 2013.  I wrote their membership person and get this........I GOT A RETURN EMAIL.  .  Sometimes it is the little stuff.  Of course 2013 is going to depend on the spotted wonder's ability to finish some rides in 2012 and the world not ending as forecast by the Mayan calendar. OAATS has a few programs that might work for Journey.

They have a novice program, but I think our ride needs will exceed the allowed mileage on that one a little.  Unofficially Journey already has the equivelant of three LD's on her.  If she manages a completion PLEASE GOD at TOR, I feel she'd be ready to step up to a slow multi of two days.  Many people start their horses on 50's in the first place, so I don't see a weekend of 50 miles done conservatively as a problem at this point.  But first things first get an LD accomplished.  They also offer an OAATS Trail Horse Award which is for horses that are not registered as arabian.  Journey is registered only as an Appaloosa.   She has some arab in her, but the mare she was out of was not registered either, so I believe we'd be good to go on that one.    They also have year end mileage awards, and career mileage.  So something to think about.  We are heading to an OAATS ride hopefully in June so that will be a good time to see if this is a gregarious and welcoming group.  I'm not wanting a red carpet rolled out.  But you can kind of tell if new people are wanted, ya know?  So we will see on that.

Journey made a trip to the vet on Monday and had her Coggin's drawn and got the last of her vaccinations (Strangles).  All I will require is a health certificate to travel out of the state and we will be good to go.  I think the vet was so happy that I didn't bring Phebes that she could have kissed Journey....Phebes is so extremely...intense :(

Off to the mines for a couple of days! Then hoping to hit the training trail hard this weekend for a dose of "super compensation."  Talk to Journey about that will you?  We will need it for TOR. Ha!



  1. I ride competitive (and a few LDs) with UMECRA, but I went to one competitive ride in Salamonie IN sanctioned by OAATS. I found there were quite a few rule differences, some of which were minor and annoying, some of which were much more liberal and I welcomed them! I'm sure in LDs there will be less "rules" to begin with compared to CTRs, but make sure you ask questions!

  2. I wish I could do OAATS CTR's all the time. LOVE CTR'S. They only have a few each year, and many are out of my driving zone with gast prices. My very first ride was an OAATS CTR. My little mare was 18 and placed 2nd. I was very proud of her and her 47 bpm :)