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May 18, 2012

EASYCARE is testing the gloves in COLORS

I've seen the red, and yesterday OH COME TO ME BABY the BLUE!!!  The shells are being tested to see how they wear in colors vs. the standard black.  I want four blue shells so bad I can hardly stand myself. My want is not totally for the "look" of the blue (well--almost, but but but), there is some practical purpose to having bright colored hoof boots:

  1. I can more easily take a gander under my horse and see that the boots are indeed in place after a wild side-spook, or a deep and muddy crossing.
  2. Finding the correctly sized boots will be a breeze.  Cree's will be black, and Journey's  BLUE. So no sorting through a huge tote of all black boots which is a PITB.
  3. On another front, having the boots available in different colors you could color/code each hoof so that boots wear in the manner the hoof moves.  I'd think this would give a more natural movement pattern than "rotating" the gloves at random.  No empirical evidence of that, just seems logical.
  4. Again, not practical this one, but I just love color.  In particular I love royal blue on my spotted wonder. 
If you'd like to see the boots in red and blue visit easycare's facebook page.  The prototypes are there.  Want, want, want!


  1. LOL! yeah that was my reaction to the blue boots too... I WANT those boots.

  2. Renegade told me they don't do blue because it turns black in the sun for some reason. Sad day! I want blue ones! The Easy boots dont fit Mika well unfortunately. May have to give them another go though if they come in royal blue...