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April 11, 2012

The Speckled Spotted Royal Highness Has a TEMPER

Journey is a wee bit lazy at heart.  She is generally amenable to the trot at "journey pace."  Push her up for a bit snappier pace and her ears flatten.  Push her up into real work (canter horse! canter!) and her little gears start turning.

Journey: "How can I thwart my human?   Bucking didn't work out to well...what other little diversion might I throw in?"

Note the lovely Garmin map of our short activity yesterday.  Take notice of that weird little triangle on an otherwise straight line.  This would be where Journey rebelled on her 7th short uphill sprint.  She literally dipped her knees and shot sideways.


Stupid human (cuss cuss cuss) hangs on (barely) and we resume to complete two more repetitions on a very peed off horse.  She hit her all time straight line high speed of 15.5 mph.  Sideways I assume was faster, much faster.



  1. Glad you hung on! Those sideways hops are definitely warp speed. Peeved spotted mares!!! Tel me again why we love them so?
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. She is just testing you. :-) I think her horsenality is a lot like Doc's and if you can get past the tantrums (which show how much energy they really have) then you will have an awesome horse. Once she figures you are in it for the long hall, she will give in. It's too much work to resist. One of the nice traits of a horse who likes to conserve energy. ;-)