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April 12, 2012

I promised a review of the Toklat Woolback from the Distance Depot

It conforms well to her natural shape.
The pad is not oversized, just a bit bigger than her saddle and I LOVE that.
Doesn't absorb dirt.  Four rides on a non-bathed horse and it looks great.
No hair swirlys, no hot spots, no bumps, no heat rash EUREKA!
I thought the natural wool would look dirty, but it doesn't, it is pretty ☺
The velcro opening on front allows me to slightly shim the front and level the saddle.
I don't like the pad, I LOVE the pad.

Dislikes:  With full shims I think it is too much.  The saddle feels to ungainly and bouncey.  However, I found that it was naturally enough padding that I got a good even sweat pattern without the foam inner pads.  An added bonus there is we aren't holding extra heat (so far).  So my dislike is more like an instead of which is fine.

I haven't laundered it since we've ridden since it looks okay, so after it is washed I'll let you all know how it did.   However, at this point I like it enough that I'm searching around for one to purchase used that somebody DIDN'T like because one woman's "junk tack" is another woman's treasure.

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