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April 7, 2012

Oh! (hugs self tightly) we are so close to getting it!

This was our ride at Versailles today.  We did a bit over 17 miles and our average speed was 5.3 mph!!! (I know, I can hear endurance riders everywhere chuckling about my FAST speed), but for Journey, this is fast as she knows it (so far).   We walked very little, even so it cut into our time badly.  We have to trot a lot of downhills (not the steep ones), we have to trot through mud, we just have to trot our brains out because if we don't she slips down in the 4 mph average range quickly, and she is too slow to make up time.  But at least I kind of know now when to insist on a consistent trotting with is pretty much ALL THE TIME.

That which follows is our laps with don't have much rhyme or reason to them, but for the sake figuring out if she did better going or coming back:

Moving Time

Avg Speed
Avg Moving Speed
Max Speed


                 5.3                     12.1
10:11 1.00

5.5 5.9 8.5
9:20 0.95

6.0 6.1 8.4
49:42 4.94

5.8 6.0 9.2

water stop:42 0.03

0.8 2.6 5.1
1:56:21 10.45

5.2 5.4 12.1

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  1. I think congratulations are in order for you both! Good work on the consistent trotting.