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April 8, 2012

4th Gear - Power Up Your Endurance Horse

Dennis Summers has written this book on getting more from your horse and taking your horse up to the next level.  I'm banging my head on my chipboard I have NO KINDLE.  $9.99 .   If someone beats me to it, let me know what you think?   Good stuff?  or Woo woo.  ~ E.G.


  1. I don't have a Kindle, but I got it anyway...just reading it on my desktop screen. I think it's worth it...I know Dennis and he's a wealth of information, and presents it in a very understandable, relatable manner.

  2. Oh! I just discovered I can download a free kindle reader...I did, and the book so far has been pretty good! I'll let you all know what I think as I finish it. Wish he'd gone to a hard copy. I'm so old school (hell-I'm just old face it) I like hilighting, under-lining, and making notes in the margins. This is a step outside my comfort zone :)

  3. I'm enjoying the book- its fascinating to have access to the stories and thoughts of such a good rider!

    At one of my first rides, Home on the Range, a few years ago Dazzby and I were out on the last loop of our 25. I was getting seriously tuckered as we walked the rolling hills.

    Here comes this guy JOGGING up the hill behind his horse-they blew past us and I had just enough time to ask him how he was steering. He smiled and held out a little string that was connected to the horses bridle.

    After that I got off and walked a bit to give Dazz a rest.

  4. Well, I finished it up. First up, the Kindle! It was nice that I had quick access to the file to read, but I enjoy savoring books, making margin notes, marking pages that are useful to me, and the mobility and tactile "goodness" of a real book.

    That said, there was some good stuff in there if you are interested in taking your horse up a notch in performance level...but he must have already heard about me.

    "If you drag in at 3 am just don’t tell anyone at the finish line you read my EBook, I said 4th gear not granny gear amigos."

    Summers, Dennis (2012-04-06). 4th Gear - Power Up Your Endurance Horse (Kindle Locations 2212-2213). Animal House. Kindle Edition.

    Give it a read. Not necessarily new stuff, but rather a thoughtful approach to tweaking the horse and rider for better performance. It reminded me a lot of the principles used by Chris Martin/MONK. The question is how to put these ideas to best practice for your horse and goals. That in fact is the meat of it. ~ E.G.