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March 9, 2012

So! Moving Forward

I've scheduled Journey for her first distance ride.  We have our campsite, a corral included so I don't have to worry over the electric pen thing right at the moment (though eventually must sort it out).  With a plan of moving slower than DIRT, and what follows, follows.   The first ride of season will be cancelled,  and I don't know yet if the location for the third ride (also Henryville which will be pretty much impossible) will be moved elsewhere.  So Journey will be heading to vet for a Coggin's test in hopes of hitting at least one or two rides in Ohio if ride #1 turns out anywhere in the ball park of a finish.  If it doesn't, we will have to regroup and figure out how to get some go before I'll chunk down fuel and camping fees to leave the state.  Our big thrill for now will be to just point towards MAUMEE VALLEY in MAY.  It will be held in the Hoosier National Forest with the staging area at MIDWEST TRAIL RIDE.

Reserving our camping spot was a hoot.  All decision making based on how easy I could get in or out of the spot.   For some reason I can back myself out of most places but I can't back myself in... I asked them to plant me a shade tree but was not accommodated *LOL*.  Seriously though, getting the reservation set up was a breeze, nice people there!  ~ E.G.


  1. Congrats on taking the leap to schedule her first ride. You'll be ready. Too bad about the ride cancellations for you and having to travel so far to attend more. I know all too well about that. There are only a couple of rides nearby me, of those the closest is a 3 hour haul, the others are 4-5 hour. Fuel prices are enough to choke a chicken. I have just 2 rides planned for the season We get a late start here so the first ride isn't until July. It's a 5 day pioneer and a 10-11 hr haul for me but the 5 days available to ride will hopefully make it worth it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Our nearest Pioneer ride is the Shore to Shore in Michigan. You need a driver to move your trailer to the new location day to day and there is not anyone who can do that for me. But that ride is on my "bucket list". Maybe some kind soul will split expenses and let me hitch a ride some year. That is a serious want to do ride. I'd also like to someday go to the Old Dominion. Gas prices his $4.00 a gallon here this week. My little 4 cylinder Ford Ranger requires $60 for a fill-up now :( I have to breath into a paper bag when we fill up the Sierra. I'll probably have to spend a couple hundred to just get to Maumee and back, plus camping fee, plus ride fees, plus day passes for the forestry. We might end up being a one or two ride wonder again ourselves!

  3. Heh, gas is above 4.50 in CA now. It's still below $4 here in beautiful Nevada, but not for long...

    YAY CONGRATS! So glad you're signed up for a ride, yippie!